The Time Has Come!

We finally got word this past Monday that the previous owner of the house had moved out and we could finally start moving in!  I use the words “moving in” loosely though, as we can’t actually move in until we clean the place up a bit.  We want to get fresh paint on all the walls and new flooring before we bring in the furniture.

So, last night we took our first trip to Home Depot to make some decisions and buy paint!  Pretty exciting!  Due to the extensive research made on the Pinterest, I had a pretty good idea of the colors I liked and it was just a matter of finding them in the overwhelming array of paint samples.

Here’s what we picked out for now!  I’ll keep you guessing on where each color is going to go until the next post, and you never know, we may change it up once we get in there!



So anyhow, we will be spending our weekend painting away, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


-Allison 🙂

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