Refinished Round Kitchen Table

When Nathaniel and I first moved in together many years ago, we bought some new furniture that was more modern than anything.  It worked well for us, but after we moved into our current home our furniture didn’t quite fit our country cottage, farmhouse vibe.  So I began to look for a white round kitchen table.  Buying a brand new table was not in the picture, as when I looked there were at least $600!  Ain’t nobody got money for that.  So I began monitoring Facebook’s selling feature and after a few hit and misses found the perfect one!  And for $80 at that!  All it required was a little paint and elbow grease.  (Seems to be a recurring theme in my DIY projects!).  I love the way it brings the kitchen together and the little details on the chairs.

Here’s what it looked like when we brought it home:

I decided to use the Annie Sloan chalk paint for its easy application.  There is no sandy or primer required.  Just wipe clean and paint!

Finishing DIY projects all in one day with a baby now is pretty much impossible, so after about a total of 5 naps (spanned across many days) I finished!

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