“Hey whatever happened to waiting your turn, doing it all by hand.”

There is so much truth to those lyrics above right now.  When Nathaniel and I decided to make an offer on our house, I knew going in that it was going to be A LOT of work, and I would say I was pretty prepared to do it.  But what I wasn’t expecting was this overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and pride of doing this ourselves, and all by hand.

We’ve made some great progress and I have learned so much in the last 2 weeks.  I think one of the biggest things I’m learning is no matter how much you plan, something is probably going to pop up and put you off course.  The trick is to just go with it and make changes accordingly.  I thought I was pretty good at this in life, but it has a whole different meaning when it comes to your own house!

So anyways, here’s our progress from the weekend.  We’ve removed tack strips and some old plywood floor boards, demo’d some tile, stripped some wallpaper, and our biggest accomplishment…opened up a pocket door!  Next big thing on our list is getting the carpet and tile laid down, whoop whoop!


demo1 demo2  demo3

mask photo 1

photo 2 photo 3

photo 4 photo 5

And then there’s this little cute face….


I think he’s happy with his new house (we bought it just for him, so he’d better be happy 🙂 ).

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