“Hello, May I Take Your Order?”

Soooo we’ve gotten a lot done in the past few days.  It’s been a lot of hard work and thanks to some awesome friends and Nathaniel’s parents we’ve managed to rip out the carpet, paint all of the bedrooms, hallway, part of the bathroom, the living room, annnnnnd take down an awkward/ugly partition that was dividing the entryway from the kitchen.

So with that said, EVERYONE that has come over in the last week to help or check the place out all have one common thing to say, “Hello, can I take your order?”  That’s right, if you take a look at this partition below, there’s a nice little window that kind of looks like a drive-through window.

photo 1

And as everyone came through the door, it was like they felt compelled to take someone’s food order.  It was actually really funny.

But alas, the thing needed to go.  So last night we demolished it!  It was so much fun, slinging that sledge hammer and feeling my stress float away!  haha.  Here are few pics of our progress.  I can’t wait for more demo (I think it’s my new favorite thing!).


sledge pull apart

hammer - Copy


Finished and so much more open!!!

photo 2


On a side note, look at that lovely yellow wallpaper…..so not looking forward to tearing that down!



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