Bedroom Wood Floors

We eat, sleep, and dream floors!  It has been a process to say the least, but the final product has turned out really really gooooood.

Here’s what we did with the Pinewood floors….

First we had to unload allllll the wood from the truck. (and when I say we, I actually mean the men did that part) 🙂

photo 2 photo 1 photo 3

The wood needed to acclimate with the house (it expands and contracts), so it needed to be piled up for a few days while it got used to it’s new environment.

wood pile

Next, was measuring and cutting the different lengths to make a sweet pattern.  Originally, we wanted to do full length floor boards, but come to find out they were too short for the room, whawhawha.  Both Nathaniel and I had a good time using this pretty cool tool though!  This was the most time consuming part.


Once all the boards were cut to specific lengths, we assembled them in the room.  They were tongue and groove, so we had to slip them together then nail them in with this Pneumatic Cleat Nail Gun.  Most fit together perfectly, but there were a few stubborn ones that gave us a hard time.

photo 4 woodfloors

I would probably say this project took us about 3-4 hours per room.  Measuring and cutting the boards being a good part of the process.  Well worth it though!

Here’s the finished product without the polyurethane on!

Before (that’s the plywood that was underneath the old carpet we ripped out):

before wood


after wood

finished floor

And yesterday we added the first coat of polyurethane.  To prep for that, we had to lightly sand it all, then wipe it down to get the saw dust up.  The process of the polyurethane isn’t too difficult though, in a nutshell, just pour the stuff on the floor and then spread it around.

It makes it shine like the stars!



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