And So it Begins….

We are signing loan documents at 7am on Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

Yep, this is probably one of the most permanent/scary/nerve-racking/exciting/amazing/dream-come-true experiences that I have ever done in my whole entire life.  What makes it nerve-racking and scary is the unknown of it all.  The unknown of how its going to turn out, what kind of dilemmas we’re going to face, and all the emotions that will come along with this adventure.

But you know what, life is about the unknowns.  If we knew exactly what was going to happen every second of our lives, than we’d never see what we’re capable of, or learn from our experiences.  It would definitely be an easy life, and who wants something easy?

Nathaniel and I are ready to take on the challenges of the unknowns.  We’re ready to work hard, have fun, learn something new, and create our own wonderful life.

So bring on the hour long signature session!  (I wonder if it will make me feel like Garth Brooks or something, signing my name on all those papers, ok let’s be real, probably not lol).

– Allison 🙂

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