1st Pallet Project

So I’m not going to lie, I LOVE Pinterest!  I think it’s a great way to share new craft ideas, dinner recipes, home decor, and everything in between.  Heck, most everyone on there has their own virtual wedding already planned and ready to go!  With that being said, I’ve done my fair share of experiments inspired from the one and only Pinterest.  Some have turned out good, some not so good (and when I say not so good, I mean think bland crock pot chicken that you just end up giving to the dog, true story).

Anyways, my latest endeavors have revolved around using pallets to make stuff!  You know what I’m talking about Pinterest buddies, those wine racks that look oh so easy, or even those outdoor benches!  All of them look pretty cool, and hopefully we’ll get to ’em all, but for now here’s a little picture show of the Pallet Coffee Table Nathaniel and I made….

finished table 3


First, we started off with 16 pallets.  (Nathaniel calls me after work one day and says, “I’ve got some presents for you…” me thinking ooooohhh puppies!  Nope, definitely not puppies, but when he rolls up with pallets, I’d say that’s a good trade-off 🙂 ).


Then, we decided how large we wanted it and cut the pallet according to our measurements.

Saw Pallet

Next, we needed some legs for the coffee table.  We cut 8 boards, and nailed them to the sides of the table.

Pallet legs Pallet legs 2

We then added a bottom pallet to create stability and also a cool shelf feature. 🙂

Pallet shelf

Now for sanding.  We have an inexpensive hand sander that’s great for getting into tight spaces.

me sanding sanding 2

For the finale, we decided to “white” wash the top portion of the table.  Essentially, we mixed a little bit of blue paint with water, stirred it up, and painted the boards.  Once it was applied, we immediately wiped it off, leaving just enough tint of blue so that you could still see the natural grain of the wood.  The bottom portion was stained using the same technique; applying it then wiping it off.

white wash

Here’s the finished product!  (In my opinion, the table goes great with an Australian Shepherd.  So if you decide to make this table, you’ll probably feel compelled to also buy an Aussie to match 🙂 ).

finished table finished table 4

 finished table 2 finished table 3


Happy crafting!

– Allison

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