Kitchen Tile Countertop Refresh

One of the last original items in our 1950’s house is the green kitchen tile countertops. Surprisingly, they have held up through the years and are in pretty decent condition. But, that’s not to say I wouldn’t love beautiful granite or butcher block to replace them (you should see my Pinterest boards, I am fully prepared for a kitchen remodel, ha!). At the moment though, we aren’t ready for a full remodel so I thought it would be fun to try a little DIY project to freshen things up a bit!

Here’s what our kitchen looked like before:

Green Kitchen Tile Countertop

Green Kitchen Tile Countertop

Green Kitchen Tile Countertop

So the idea is to paint the tile with a tub and tile refinishing kit.  It’s a paint that’s made up of an epoxy and acrylic formula that’s suppose to leave a shiny white, waterproof surface.  Pretty neat!  Most people use it on their bath tubs and sinks, but today we paint the tile!

Green Kitchen Tile Countertop Rust-Oleum Tub & Tile Refinishing Paint



To prepare, you have to get the surface super clean.  A degreaser, Barkeepers Friend and bleach was used.

Once clean, the fun begins!



After the first coat:

Painted Kitchen Tile White


And then the second!

Painted Kitchen Tile White


After it’s all said and done, it turned out pretty good and made our kitchen brighter and feeling refreshed!


Painted Kitchen Tile White


Painted Kitchen Tile White


Painted Kitchen Tile White





  1. Teri says:

    They hold up well without dealing with polyacrylic? Saw another blogger used that to seal them. Didn’t know if it was necessary.

  2. Beth Verbiar says:

    How many coats did you end up doing/needing? And how many boxes of the product did you have to use?

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